Top 5 Celebrities Who Surf

In the past, I did gaze in awe when I see a celebrity lying or standing on a surfboard in the public because I thought that the practice could mar their reputations. Now I have discovered that they derive great benefits from the activity, especially social benefits. No wonder many celebrities engage in surfing.

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Top 5 Celebrities Who Surf

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis is an American musician, who fronts a group of singers branded “Red Hot Chili Pepper”. He is the lead singer and lyricist of the group. This celebrity is well known for surfing. He has been spotted at different locations surfing in the public. He was spotted in Siargao enjoying his time surfing with some locals after they successfully ended their concert during their 7107 International Music Festival that took place in the Clark Field Pampanga in the Philippines. In 2014, the Red Hot Chili lead vocalist contributed to raising funds for the Surfers Healing Foundation by auctioning his surfboard. For the musician, life is a beach, and he loves surfing with his family. His word in 2008, ” My goal for the year is to get better at surfing, which I think will make me a better father.”


RihannaRobyn Rihanna Fenty is a well-acclaimed musician, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, who rose to the pedestal by the release of her studio album, Music of the Sun, and followed by A Girl like me. These albums marked Rihanna’s debut in 2006. The celebrity was spotted in Hawaii surfing and charging the wave as usual. Though she was new to surfing at that time, yet she kept along with the wave on a surfboard. She posted her bikini surfing pictures on her Instagram and Facebook pages, and on Pinterest.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey is an American actor. He also an actor, model, writer, and director. He started rising to fame in 1993 with his successful role in the coming-of-age comedy, Dazed and Confused. Subsequently, he started climbing to the pedestal and won abundant success by the role he played in Dallas Buyers Club, a biographical film that earned him an Academic Award in 2013. In 2014, he won the Critic’s Choice Television Award and TCA Award. The actor is well known for surfing and he even acted in a movie, a comedy titled “Surfer, Dude”, which opened 69 theaters in 2008. He loves surfing with his family. He posted some of his and family surfing poses, including his baby boy, on Pinterest. While he was talking about his role in the comedy McConaughey boasted and said, “My baby will be a surfer dude, too.”

Lady Gaga

Lady GagaStefani Johanne Angelina Germanotta, known as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, actress, and songwriter. She started her musical career at the Open Mike and in school plays. She began to rise to prominence in 2008 with her debut album, The Fame, as well as her singles, Just Dance and Poker Face. The musician is an experienced surfer. She so much loves surfing that she uses surfing as a metaphor while referring to life. She usually talks about her experience as a beginning surfer that she usually fell off the surfboard and a surfer encouraged her by saying, “Now that you can stand up, just look into the future and enjoy the ride.” She said, “That was an interesting metaphor about life.” She also posted some of her surfing moments on the internet.

Emma Stone

Emma StoneEmily Jean Stone, popularly known as Emma Stone, is an American actress. She has won accolades of Academic Awards, such as Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award. She is the highest-paid actress worldwide. In addition, she is being referred to, in the media, as one of the most talented actresses of her generation. Stone started acting as a child in 2000 and she began to receive positive media attention in 2009, for her role in Zombieland. Her subsequent breakthroughs were followed with further fulfillment in 2011, in the romantic comedy titled Crazy, Stupid, Love and in the drama, The Help. Since then, Stone has been gaining wider recognition to date. In 2014, Emma Stone was spotted in Hawaii taking a surfing lesson with Andrew Garfield, a kind of date. She really enjoyed the romantic moment surfing the wave with Andrew; the pics of the moments are posted on the internet.