Jonathan joins The Pirates of Penzance at the Public Theatre

The Public Theater’s upcoming one-night-only benefit concert of The Pirates of Penzance has added four stars to its already epic cast. Jonathan Groff, Montego Glover, Norm Lewis and Anika Noni Rose will join a starry group of actors including Glenn Close, Eric Idle, Martin Short and original star Kevin Kline, who will reprise his Tony-winning role as the Pirate King. The concert will be presented on June 10 at the Delacorte as part of the Public’s annual gala, which will honor the late Nora Ephron (a longtime board member).

Glover will play Kate, with Groff as Frederick, Lewis as Samuel and Rose as Mabel. The ensemble of Pirates also includes Sarah Bolt, Darius Nichols, Eliseo Roman, Martin Sola, Matthew Stocke and Frank Vlastnik. Ted Sperling directs, with musical staging by choreographer Graciela Daniele (who worked on the original 1980 production at the Delacorte Theater) and musical direction by James Moore.

Meryl Streep and Sir Howard Stringer will be on hand to pay tribute to Nora Ephron, who collaborated with Streep for over 25 years.



Fitness Certification

Whether you are thinking of starting your own fitness boot camp or considering joining one to tone up and lose weight, you need to check out the fitness bootcamp certification.

In an ideal world, we would all get fit and tone up by simply cutting down on the volume of food we consume and by exercising more. But as anyone who has tried to lose excess pounds or personal trainers who teach these classes knows it isn’t that simple. There are many reasons why people are obese and some are more complicated than the fact that the person overeats. Training those that are overweight not to mention those that are morbidly obese is not without its challenges.

You should have completed your fitness instructor certification program before you take on a training job. Not only do you need to know how to set the best exercise program to achieve great results, you need to know how to do this safely. If you want to go to a weight loss bootcamp you want the security of knowing the people training you carry the proper qualifications and insurance cover. Never just assume they do but ask to see copies of their documentation.

You want to be dealing with professionals who are committed to providing a quality service not a company that has been set up solely to make a profit. It is amazing how some companies market their service as having a fitness bootcamp certification when their idea of nutritional advice is to tell you to eat three meals a day including breakfast and their exercise program consists of a couple of push ups and some dumbbell routines!

Have the instructors achieved their fitness bootcamp certification?

If you are trying to decide which fitness boot camp to attend you probably have looked for testimonials from previous clients. While these can be useful, you have to remember that you don’t know these people personally and you cannot always believe comments on promotional materials. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone who attends a bootcamp will be satisfied with the service even if it is fantastic. The general public are known to be hard to please and some people just cannot accept that they will never again have the body of an 18 year old cheerleader especially if their build suggests they would never have made the squad even as a teenager!

So you should also check what certifications the instructors hold. There are many different levels of fitness certifications but anyone who needs a fitness bootcamp certification should at least consider using an organization that has been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Certified personal trainers will not only learn how to plan a suitable fitness program and set realistic goals that their participants can achieve, but they will also have covered how to conduct initial client assessments as well as some anatomy and physiology. When you attend a bootcamp it is important that you undergo an initial assessment not only so you can set your personal goals but to ensure that the fitness program is set at a safe level based on your current health and weight. If the trainers have a fitness bootcamp certification it shows that this business is committed to providing a professional high quality service.

But having certified personal trainers with additional qualifications is even better. For example those who train obese kids should ideally have passed their childhood obesity specialist certification in addition to the normal personal trainer qualifications. If the bootcamp is aimed at older citizens perhaps with an emphasis on building stamina and fitness levels rather than weight loss, it helps if the instructors have passed their senior fitness instructor certification.

Having qualified as a personal trainer you know the basics on how to teach people to increase their overall fitness levels. But when staff take specific qualifications aimed at the market segment they are coaching, it shows not only interest in providing a quality service but also that they are more prepared for the specific problems that certain members may experience. For example, while research shows that it is a great idea for senior citizens to improve their fitness levels as it helps to promote longevity and mortality, it is not without its risks.

Older people are by nature more fragile and so teaching classes of senior citizens usually carries a higher risk of a participant either currently having health problems or sustaining an injury during a training session if the instructor pushes too hard or undertakes an unsuitable training program.

Fitness bootcamp certification can reduce your business expenses

Setting up any commercial enterprise involves expenses and the fitness bootcamp business is no different. In addition to having to finance the location, equipment, providing staff etc you also have to take out certain types of insurance. For example you will find public liability insurance. You may find that insurance companies who specialize in this market, may give you an additional discount if your staff have already passed their fitness bootcamp certifications. Insurance assessors like qualifications as they deem them to be important in reducing the risk level of the overall business.

The best fitness boot camp programs will employ staff qualified in nutrition. Certified personal trainers will have covered basic nutrition as part of their qualification but it is helpful if at least one member of staff has attended specific nutrition training. It is not enough for participants to reduce their waistlines if they don’t learn enough about healthy eating to maintain their new fitness levels in the real world.

The sad fact is that many Americans believe that all diet foods are healthy including diet colas, low fat yogurt etc. The fact that many of these products contain huge amounts of sugar or additives and at the very least are a contributing factor in their weight problems often astounds them. Attending a fitness boot camp where trainers have a fitness bootcamp certification will go a long way to making sure you are getting the right advice.