Fitness Certification

Whether you are thinking of starting your own fitness boot camp or considering joining one to tone up and lose weight, you need to check out the fitness bootcamp certification.

In an ideal world, we would all get fit and tone up by simply cutting down on the volume of food we consume and by exercising more. But as anyone who has tried to lose excess pounds or personal trainers who teach these classes knows it isn’t that simple. There are many reasons why people are obese and some are more complicated than the fact that the person overeats. Training those that are overweight not to mention those that are morbidly obese is not without its challenges.

You should have completed your fitness instructor certification program before you take on a training job. Not only do you need to know how to set the best exercise program to achieve great results, you need to know how to do this safely. If you want to go to a weight loss bootcamp you want the security of knowing the people training you carry the proper qualifications and insurance cover. Never just assume they do but ask to see copies of their documentation.

You want to be dealing with professionals who are committed to providing a quality service not a company that has been set up solely to make a profit. It is amazing how some companies market their service as having a fitness bootcamp certification when their idea of nutritional advice is to tell you to eat three meals a day including breakfast and their exercise program consists of a couple of push ups and some dumbbell routines!

Have the instructors achieved their fitness bootcamp certification?

If you are trying to decide which fitness boot camp to attend you probably have looked for testimonials from previous clients. While these can be useful, you have to remember that you don’t know these people personally and you cannot always believe comments on promotional materials. It is unrealistic to expect that everyone who attends a bootcamp will be satisfied with the service even if it is fantastic. The general public are known to be hard to please and some people just cannot accept that they will never again have the body of an 18 year old cheerleader especially if their build suggests they would never have made the squad even as a teenager!

So you should also check what certifications the instructors hold. There are many different levels of fitness certifications but anyone who needs a fitness bootcamp certification should at least consider using an organization that has been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA).

Certified personal trainers will not only learn how to plan a suitable fitness program and set realistic goals that their participants can achieve, but they will also have covered how to conduct initial client assessments as well as some anatomy and physiology. When you attend a bootcamp it is important that you undergo an initial assessment not only so you can set your personal goals but to ensure that the fitness program is set at a safe level based on your current health and weight. If the trainers have a fitness bootcamp certification it shows that this business is committed to providing a professional high quality service.

But having certified personal trainers with additional qualifications is even better. For example those who train obese kids should ideally have passed their childhood obesity specialist certification in addition to the normal personal trainer qualifications. If the bootcamp is aimed at older citizens perhaps with an emphasis on building stamina and fitness levels rather than weight loss, it helps if the instructors have passed their senior fitness instructor certification.

Having qualified as a personal trainer you know the basics on how to teach people to increase their overall fitness levels. But when staff take specific qualifications aimed at the market segment they are coaching, it shows not only interest in providing a quality service but also that they are more prepared for the specific problems that certain members may experience. For example, while research shows that it is a great idea for senior citizens to improve their fitness levels as it helps to promote longevity and mortality, it is not without its risks.

Older people are by nature more fragile and so teaching classes of senior citizens usually carries a higher risk of a participant either currently having health problems or sustaining an injury during a training session if the instructor pushes too hard or undertakes an unsuitable training program.

Fitness bootcamp certification can reduce your business expenses

Setting up any commercial enterprise involves expenses and the fitness bootcamp business is no different. In addition to having to finance the location, equipment, providing staff etc you also have to take out certain types of insurance. For example you will find public liability insurance. You may find that insurance companies who specialize in this market, may give you an additional discount if your staff have already passed their fitness bootcamp certifications. Insurance assessors like qualifications as they deem them to be important in reducing the risk level of the overall business.

The best fitness boot camp programs will employ staff qualified in nutrition. Certified personal trainers will have covered basic nutrition as part of their qualification but it is helpful if at least one member of staff has attended specific nutrition training. It is not enough for participants to reduce their waistlines if they don’t learn enough about healthy eating to maintain their new fitness levels in the real world.

The sad fact is that many Americans believe that all diet foods are healthy including diet colas, low fat yogurt etc. The fact that many of these products contain huge amounts of sugar or additives and at the very least are a contributing factor in their weight problems often astounds them. Attending a fitness boot camp where trainers have a fitness bootcamp certification will go a long way to making sure you are getting the right advice.


Well, that’s a wrap for season two! You can browse through 1,000 high definition screen captures of Jonathan from last night’s season two finale of “Looking.” What did you guys think of the finale? Leave a comment to share your thoughts. You can also check out HBO’s “Inside the Episode” segment for the finale. It’s definitely worth the watch and gives us a lot more insight into the episode. Enjoy!


“Looking” creator executive producer Michael Lannan talks with TV Line about the season two finale, the future of the show, Patrick and gang, what’s next for season three, and so much more! This article isn’t necessarily Jonathan related, but since it’s about his main project and his character Patrick gets some mention, I figured it would be a nice read for the “Looking” fans. Enjoy and stay tuned for high definition screen captures of Jonathan from last night’s season two finale!

TV Line — HBO’s Looking closed out its second season Sunday much the same way it ended its first: With Patrick jockeying between Kevin and Richie. The one key difference? This time around, Richie had the advantage, at least that’s my take on the sweet, subdued closing scene.
Below, series creator Michael Lannan offers his interpretation of that barber shop-set cliffhanger, clarifies the state of Patrick and Kevin’s tattered relationship, and teases the possibility of a new romance for Patrick in Season 3 (assuming there is a Season 3).
Oh, and yeah, he knows how you feel about Agustin.
TVLINE | When Patrick told Richie, “I’m ready,” what was he really referring to? Because it wasn’t the buzzcut.
[Laughs] He’s ready to go after what he wants. I don’t necessarily think he’s saying he’s ready for Richie though. He just reaches a new place within himself, and has a better idea of what direction he wants to go in with his emotional life and his relationships.
TVLINE | But it can’t be a coincidence that the person he goes to at that moment is Richie.
No. Definitely not. Kevin’s last question to Patrick is, “Do you trust me?” And I think Patrick answers that question [by going] to someone he does trust, someone he feels safe with and is on the same page with him in many ways. It’s not a coincidence but it’s inconclusive what’s going to happen between Patrick and Richie.
TVLINE | Was Patrick looking for a reason to cut and run from Kevin? Because he was really blowing the Grindr thing out of proportion.
That’s an interesting question. Kevin has that great line: “Is this fight to keep us together or to break us up?” I don’t know the answer. People will probably see it both ways. He did react very strongly, but he also [raised] a good point that they have different ideas about relationships and monogamy.
TVLINE | Some fans find Patrick’s brand of innocence and naiveté cloying. And I’m sure this finale won’t do anything to change their opinion, especially with regard to the Grindr stuff. The fact that he would be shocked that Kevin would still have the ap on his phone seemed a bit of a reach, even for him.
I think it was more of a culmination of things for Patrick. He may have been overreacting. He may be naive. But something really resonated for him in this situation. Perhaps it triggered some other things about Kevin. I personally don’t think it’s unusual for people to have Grindr on their phones to just check out the scene.
TVLINE | I’m calling bull–t on Patrick’s claim that he deleted Grindr off his phone.
[Laughs] You could be right.
TVLINE | Did Patrick and Kevin break up?
I think it’s ambiguous. Patrick is clearly turning away from Kevin in that moment. It’s not conclusive but it seems likely at this point. It was a pretty big rupture.
TVLINE | If there’s no Patrick and Kevin, does Russell Tovey still have a major presence on the show moving forward? He’s not really part of that core circle of friends.
We love Russell and we want to have him in the show as much as possible. We’re still thinking about what happens between Patrick and Kevin.
TVLINE | I’m sure you’re aware that Agustin isn’t the most beloved character on the show.
TVLINE | Was his arc this season — the new boyfriend, the new career working with homeless teens — part of a concerted effort on your part to make him more sympathetic in viewers’ eyes?
I don’t know if we thought of it in those terms exactly. We wanted to force him into relationship with someone who helps others professionally, and into a world where people need help and guidance. And Agustin hasn’t really had to be around people like Eddie. Nor had he had people really need him in that way. We wanted to see what would happen if we put him in an environment where he was forced to think of other people beside himself. And I think the end result has been him becoming a lot more sympathetic to a lot of people, and we’re happy with that, too. It’s shown another side to him; he’s gotten deeper and richer and more complicated. But people like Agustin don’t ever change completely.
TVLINE | What’s been the motivation for keeping Dom from tasting success?
We wanted to show that not everyone’s dreams come true and you can still find a way to be happy. There are so many interesting dynamics that come up in that journey, one of them being the rupture between Dom and Doris and how money can come between friends. And how your dreams for yourself can confuse your relationships, especially when you’re overly ambitious.
TVLINE | Did you write tonight’s episode as a season finale or a series finale?
We wanted to write a season finale, because we feel like there’s much more to come with Patrick and Kevin and Richie and that entire world. We didn’t think of it as an ending to the entire series.
TVLINE | Looking ahead, and let’s assume all goes well and you get that pickup, is it fair to say that Season 3 would show us what a Patrick-Richie relationship looks like?
We’re still thinking about that. It may be about what happens with Patrick and Richie now. I don’t think Kevin is completely out of the picture though. But, also, there’s space for some entirely new possibilities that Patrick hasn’t even experienced yet. His statement about being “ready” at the end of the episode — I think we’re going to find out what he’s ready for.
TVLINE | Hmm… I have to say, whenever Patrick’s in a scene with Dom, my antennae picks up a spark or two. There’s something there. You agree?
[Laughs nervously] Oh, Michael… I don’t know if I can go there. But I will say they obviously have a history together so… who knows?